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[As a general proposition, under the common law of Australia, the parties to a contract may, by express stipulation, select the legal system by which all or part of the obligations arising out of the contract will be determined. We note that in many respects the laws of Australia and the United States are quite similar.

Given that Spectrum Brands is domiciled in the United States, it is open for the parties to agree that the governing law will be the laws of the United States if Spectrum Brands considers this appropriate. However, we make the following observations:

(1) an Australian court will not give effect to a choice of law made in order to evade the application of a law which would have applied in the absence of such choice; and

(2) there are a number of Australian statutes which:

(a) stipulate that their provisions will apply regardless of the choice of law; or

(b) grant Australian courts the power to set aside a choice of law which is unfair or oppressive to one of the parties such as section 7(1) of the Contract Review Act 1980 (NSW).

Therefore, there may be instances where Australian law will prevail regardless of a choice of law clause. In particular, issues which are conduct based rather than contractual will be governed by Australian legislation. Important examples are the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Please let us know if you require further advice in this regard.]